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As an agency, First Peoples has a short history. But as the name applies, our roots go back much farther. Here’s our story:”

The theory behind First Peoples Insurance began in 1998 while attending the annual State of the Band Address held by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. The address was given by Marge Anderson, who at the time was the Tribal Chairwoman of the Mille Lacs Band. She emphasized the need for the Native community to "support" each other; not only supporting each other with what we say, but with what we do. One of Anderson’s suggestions was the need to further the Band’s objective of self-sufficiency. One of the ways to accomplish this was to start, operate, and support non-traditional Native businesses. insurance agency The idea of Indian owned businesses being supported by Indians would create a winning situation for all involved. This was seen as a positive plan for the members and the financial wellbeing of the Tribe. After attending the conference, Gary saw the desire of those in attendance to fulfill Marge’s dream. Roland Hill, who also attended the address and is an enrolled member of the Red Lake Indian Reservation, likewise heard the call from Marge. Through mutual friends, Roland and Gary were introduced. As they discussed Marge’s address, they began exploring what sorts of opportunities were available in the area. Since Gary was already an established agent in the insurance business, he asked Roland who provided insurance for tribal government, tribal residents, and other tribal businesses. From Roland’s knowledge, tribal insurance was provided from venders located in outside cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. Gary had the idea to somehow from an Indian-owned insurance agency. After a bit of searching, Roland discovered that that sort of business was absent form Indian Country. Gary was optimistic about the idea, while Roland was rather skeptical of the fact that a business like this has never been created before. However, because of the overwhelming details of the business plan, family life, and their other jobs, they were forced to put their business idea on hold until a later time.

After 14 years of waiting, the time had come. With rising employee benefit costs, the uncertainty involved with the ACA/PPACA, and having the right employees available, First Peoples Insurance services was formed in 2012. Roland was beginning to realize his dream of starting an Indian-owned non-traditional business. Roland has formed a core team to help guide First Peoples, its staff, and the Indian Nations in which they hope to serve in the next millennia. Please contact us today for individualized service and the new tradition in which we strive to offer in Indian Country.

Roland has formed a core team to help guide First Peoples, its staff and the Nations they serve into the next millennia. Contact us today for individualized service and a new tradition in Indian Country.

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This is what makes us different: What you will find in the end is that we bring our service model to you and your employees. With more than just one annual visit, there will be effective communication between us. Our staff will become a vital asset to your organization and its people. Our objective is to take as much work off of your hands as possible.

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